Chinese Voice Radio 紐西蘭 華人之聲中文電臺 AM936 FM99.4 FM104.2
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Company Profile


Chinese Radio Broadcasts, found by World TV, started its broadcast in February 2004 in Auckland. The company is currently the largest Chinese radio network in New Zealand, operating AM 936, FM 99.4 and FM 104.2.

All three channels broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, carrying top-rating Manadarin and Cantonese programmes from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The sources of its programmes include China Radio International (CRI), China National Radio (CNR) from PRC China; Commercial Radio, Metro Radio, RTHK from Hong Kong; and UFO from Taiwan.

Besides thoese programmes imported from Greater China Region, Chinese Radio Broadcasts also makes 80 hours local productions weekly. …etc.  The most popular programmes are those live news-talk call-in in nature. These programmes enable audience to partipate and interact together so that their opinions can be reflected immediately to the government departments and orgranizations concerned. This makes our live talk-back programmes stand out from other Chinese radio channels.

To increase our coverage, programmes are also carried by SKY TV and through satellite and web platform respectively to reach 150,000 Chinese throughout New Zealand.  And it is indeed the only radio network covers the country nation-wide.  This makes Chinese Radio Broadcasts the most influential broadcast media in New Zealand.

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